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Server update

Some of the talks on have been unavailable recently because of server changes which have crept in over the past months. We have now changed the URLs, so that all linked talks and handouts should be available again. If you experience further problems, please let us know.  Paul and Simon.

Bluffing at Greenbelt 2011

Hello folks. Although there hasn’t been any activity on the Bluffers’ Guides over the summer, attenders at this year’Greenbelt Festival (in Cheltenham, UK) will be able to find that Paul and Simon are appearing live and doing a shortened version of the first series, entitled The Bluffer’s Guide to God. The sessions are designed for ordinary Christian folk who have not done any Christian Theology before and have always wondered why all that stuff is in the creeds. There will be three sessions:

  • Saturday 27th August at 6.30pm
  • Sunday 28th August at 6.30pm
  • Monday 29th August at 3.30pm

Those who know of us are likely to respond in two possible ways to this information:

  1. Greenbelt must really be desperate this year and have started scraping the bottle of the barrel…
  2. What’s Greenbelt?

Either way, if you happen to be on or near Cheltenham Racecourse next weekend (26th – 29th August), please come along and cheer us on our way, otherwise we’ll just be talking to ourselves.

And by the way – rather appropriately, the above sessions will be taking place in The Real Ale Tent (aka The Jesus Arms) at the festival. Ah, God is good!

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A few site updates

Through various devious means, we have a nice new server for our site. We have updated the old broken links for the talks on the Church, so they should be downloadable again for any who were searching for them. No plans for Bluffer’s Guide Talks so far, but then one day (any day) we may get some inspiration for a new subject. Best wishes Paul Roberts and Simon Taylor.

The podcasts are on their way

Simon delivered the first talk of The Bible in One Hour series this week to a good sized audience. (Er, what we mean is that the audience had a good number of people in it. It was not a comment on the physical size of the members of that audience.) At the moment, we’re just awaiting a bit of configuration on our podcast hosting server, so the talk will soon be available. Please bear with us and thanks for listening!

Good heavens! The Bluffer’s Guide rides again!!

After nearly getting the Net Award for the Most Moribund Website, there are signs of a slight sturring of action in the behemoth which you know as This summer, Simon Taylor is flying solo with a set of talks on THE BIBLE!

Details on the flyer below. He will be recording his efforts and hopefully we will get them to you via the podcast soon after they go out in Bristol. If this has got to you via your blog-reader, please spread the word!

The Bible in an Hour

2006: The Bluffer’s Guide rides again!

For those who thought that the Bluffer’s Guide had disappeared into the amnesia of the web you will be delighted/appalled to learn that another season is about to start! On Wednesday evenings during September, Paul Roberts and Simon Taylor are doing another series. This time they are intending to do The Bluffer’s Guide to Heresy. What exactly is heresy? Is it dangerous, or healthy? Do old heresies die out, or just come back again and again, like persistent weeds? What should we do with heretics? (Burn them or make them Bishops?) Paul and Simon will be re-adopting the relaxed, irreverent style of the previous series. They both have doctorates in theology and have taught the subject in Bristol and Sheffield (and just about anywhere else who will have them). If you want to know the difference between a donatist and a donutist, or can’t tell an enema from an anathema, this is for you.

Venue: The Bristol Folk House, Park Street, Bristol – Room 2. Wednesdays, from 13th September to 4 October. All sessions start at 7.40pm and end by 9.30pm followed by relocation to the nearest pub, The Bristol Ram.

We will also be podcasting the talks again, so if you can’t be there in person, point your podcasting software to the podcast feed at the bottom right of this page. For more details, see our instructions about podcasting here.

What they said about the last series of Bluffer’s Guides …

“Now I can preach again …” (Karl, Basel)
“Hey! Dig the prosopa! Are you guys two hypostases of a single substance, or two separate ousias?” (Athanasius, most of the Eastern Mediterranean)
“Lying safely in your arms I’m born again…” (Bishop J Spong, USA – or was it Billy Preston?)
“As opium for the people goes, this stuff is hot sh**!” (Karl, British Library Reading Room)
“96: The Bluffer’s Guide rocks!” (Martin, Wittenberg)

(Note, the Bluffer’s Guide cannot be responsible for any hyperbole contained in the above statements.)

UPDATE 17 Nov: The bibliography for this series is now available here.