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Bluffers at Greenbelt, Day 2

A big thanks to those who came to the Bluffer’s Guide to God at the Greenbelt Festival yesterday – it was great to see a good number in the Jesus Arms. Simon had a go at doing a rough recording of the session on his iPhone, so we’ll have to see how that turns out. The talk was not officially recorded, so we’ll have to see whether we can get the talk up in some form, but if not – our apologies. Those Greenbelters who aren’t able to get to our other talks at the festival may be able to get an idea of what they missed by looking at our 2005 Series. Versions of our 2005 talks are available on the ReJesus website here.

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Handouts for the Greenbelt Talks

We’ve printed out handouts for our Greenbelt Talks (see post below) working on the long-established “name it: claim it” faith principle of asking God for the ridiculously impossible and threatening to go off in a huff if we don’t get it. Therefore in an act of outrageous faith, we’ve printed 25 handouts per session for GB. If a miracle happens and we run out, clever GB folk with clever phones will be able to download PDFs of our talks here. So …

Saturday, 6.30pm (Jesus Arms) – Session 1 (on God and why he doesn’t exist) Handout
Sunday, 6.30pm (Jesus Arms) – Session 2 (Is Jesus God?) Handout
Monday, 3.30pm (Jesus Arms) – Session 3 (Holy Spirit and the Trinity) Handout and Background Bible Readings

So off to pack the tents then …

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Bluffing at Greenbelt 2011

Hello folks. Although there hasn’t been any activity on the Bluffers’ Guides over the summer, attenders at this year’Greenbelt Festival (in Cheltenham, UK) will be able to find that Paul and Simon are appearing live and doing a shortened version of the first series, entitled The Bluffer’s Guide to God. The sessions are designed for ordinary Christian folk who have not done any Christian Theology before and have always wondered why all that stuff is in the creeds. There will be three sessions:

  • Saturday 27th August at 6.30pm
  • Sunday 28th August at 6.30pm
  • Monday 29th August at 3.30pm

Those who know of us are likely to respond in two possible ways to this information:

  1. Greenbelt must really be desperate this year and have started scraping the bottle of the barrel…
  2. What’s Greenbelt?

Either way, if you happen to be on or near Cheltenham Racecourse next weekend (26th – 29th August), please come along and cheer us on our way, otherwise we’ll just be talking to ourselves.

And by the way – rather appropriately, the above sessions will be taking place in The Real Ale Tent (aka The Jesus Arms) at the festival. Ah, God is good!

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